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Nabukko: The Nabukko Trilogy, #1
Nabukko: The Nabukko Trilogy, #1
Nabukko: The Nabukko Trilogy, #1
Ebook399 pages5 hours

Nabukko: The Nabukko Trilogy, #1

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About this ebook

Eff wakes up on a strange planet, with no memories of her past or how she got there. But she soon realizes she is not the only one stranded on the mysterious planet.

As Eff struggles to piece together her past and decipher the truth, she discovers dark secrets and hidden agendas among her fellow survivors. Haunted by strange nightmares and unexplained phenomena, she begins to wonder if their presence on the planet may not be a simple accident.

As tensions rise and allegiances shift, Eff must navigate the treacherous landscape of the planet and her own fractured memories to uncover the truth and, ultimately, find a way to escape.

PublisherK.R. Gadeken
Release dateJun 2, 2024
Nabukko: The Nabukko Trilogy, #1

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