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Djedefre: The Pyramid Builders, #7
Djedefre: The Pyramid Builders, #7
Djedefre: The Pyramid Builders, #7
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Djedefre: The Pyramid Builders, #7

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About this ebook

Djedefre becomes king, with his brother Hordjedef his principal adviser. Breaking with tradition, the king appoints Rait as his architect, gambling that she will be up to the task of building a pyramid. An earthquake damages the Sphinx, and is seen as an omen of the gods' disfavour, but the king makes a decision that might avert disaster, though many view it as added blasphemy. Concerned for the future, those close to the king plot to remove him.

The king's heir is put aside, and a struggle for power breaks out, leading to deadly strife between the brothers Baka and Setka. Death and exile follow, with consequences that threaten Egypt's future.


Release dateFeb 3, 2024
Djedefre: The Pyramid Builders, #7
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