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UX/UI Design Playbook
UX/UI Design Playbook
UX/UI Design Playbook
Ebook159 pages1 hour

UX/UI Design Playbook

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About this ebook

Embark on your journey into the exciting UX/UI design world with the "UX/UI Design Playbook" Authored by Olha Bahaieva, a lead UX/UI designer, top Medium writer, and UX Designers Club founder, this book is your guide to mastering the fundamentals and accelerating your UX/UI design career.


What's Inside:

  • How to start a UX/UI design career: Gain practical tips on how to break into a new career if you plan to switch. Get answers to the most popular questions about education and the benefits of having a mentor
  • Practical Insights: Learn proven design methodologies and skills you need in your design workflow. Explore opportunities for design productivity and what mistakes you should avoid.
  • Technical Aspects: Understand the basics of design systems, design specifications, usability testing, and interaction design.
  • Soft Skills: Elevate your soft skills to a new level and transform your strong points into a design career
  • Work Search Tips: Prepare your CV and portfolio for the job interview. What you should expect from working as a UX/UI designer
  • Design Future: Benefit from knowing about upcoming design trends to be up-to-date with the job market

Invest in Your Design Future:
Kickstart your design journey with the "UX/UI Design Playbook." Packed with valuable insights, practical advice, and a wealth of knowledge, this book is your gateway to becoming a proficient UX/UI designer. Begin your design adventure today!

No matter what experience you have right now. If you want to start your journey in UX/UI design, you're in exactly the right place to get started.

Discover the potential of UX/UI design and harness its incredible power. 

PublisherOlha Bahaieva
Release dateNov 12, 2023
UX/UI Design Playbook
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