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Métaphysique (traduit)
Métaphysique (traduit)
Métaphysique (traduit)
Ebook396 pages7 hours

Métaphysique (traduit)

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About this ebook

- Cette édition est unique;
- La traduction est entièrement originale et a été réalisée pour l'Ale. Mar. SAS;
- Tous droits réservés.
Les œuvres fondamentales de la pensée philosophique de tous les temps. En ebook, les traductions qui ont défini le langage philosophique italien du XXe siècle.
PublisherALEMAR S.A.S.
Release dateOct 16, 2023
Métaphysique (traduit)


Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist whose works have profoundly influenced philosophical discourse and scientific investigation from the later Greek period through to modern times. A student of Plato, Aristotle’s writings cover such disparate topics as physics, zoology, logic, aesthetics, and politics, and as one of the earliest proponents of empiricism, Aristotle advanced the belief that people’s knowledge is based on their perceptions. In addition to his own research and writings, Aristotle served as tutor to Alexander the Great, and established a library at the Lyceum. Although it is believed that only a small fraction of his original writings have survived, works such as The Art of Rhetoric, Nicomachean Ethics, Poetics, and Metaphysics have preserved Aristotle’s legacy and influence through the ages.

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