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Magnetismo e Energias na Saúde
Magnetismo e Energias na Saúde
Magnetismo e Energias na Saúde
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Magnetismo e Energias na Saúde

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About this ebook

O autor aborda temas como as energias, os bloqueios energéticos, a corrente mental humana, perguntas e respostas sobre o médium curador, o tato magnético, o ectoplasma, os elementos fluídicos e o duplo etérico, na vertente do magnetismo na saúde dos pacientes.

Release dateOct 2, 2023
Magnetismo e Energias na Saúde

Pedro Miguel Cruz

Pedro Miguel Cruz was born on April 22, 1975, in Faro (Sé), Portugal.In 2001 completed the degree of Law teached at the Faculty of Law of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies of Lisbon, with the option of Juridical Sciences.In 2009, he was awarded the title of Lawyer after the completion of the internship and the completion of the final exam assessment and aggregation by the Portuguese Bar Association.In 2013 he published his first book "Heal, Pray and Love", in the publisher CreateSpace, having been translated into French and Portuguese.In 2014 he published the book "Algarve", in the publisher CreateSpace.It is a lawyer and writer who lives in Algarve, Portugal. 

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