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Vivere in Dio: Invito Divino
Vivere in Dio: Invito Divino
Vivere in Dio: Invito Divino
Ebook193 pages2 hours

Vivere in Dio: Invito Divino

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About this ebook

"Vivere in Dio: Invito Divino" è un libro che risuona con la speranza e la promessa che quando accettiamo l'invito divino a vivere in Dio, troviamo la vera pienezza della vita e sperimentiamo la gioia e la pace che si possono trovare solo nella Sua presenza.

PublisherAry S. Jr
Release dateJul 20, 2023
Vivere in Dio: Invito Divino
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Ary S. Jr.

Ary S. Jr. is a Brazilian author who writes about various topics, such as psychology, spirituality, self-help, and technology. He has published several e-books, some of which are available on platforms like Everand, Scribd, and Goodreads. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights with his readers, and aims to inspire them to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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