Joe Coffin: Season Two
Joe Coffin: Season Two
Joe Coffin: Season Two
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Joe Coffin: Season Two

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‘As I’m picturing the scenes in my head it really does feel like I’m binge watching it on Netflix.’ *****

Joe Coffin won’t stop until he has found his son

His little boy is out there somewhere, alone, scared, and craving blood. If Coffin can find him and catch him, he just might be able to save him. But Coffin doesn’t realise he’s being hunted too, by a father out for revenge for his son’s murder.

Reporter Emma Wylde is getting deeper in with The Slaughterhouse Mob

Emma knows she is crossing a line, mixing with killers and gangsters, but how else is she going to get the story of a lifetime? But this time she is going too deep, and she might never find her way back out.

Steffanie Coffin is building an army of vampires

With the ancient one, Merek Guttman, by her side, Steffanie knows nothing can stop her.

Joe Coffin and Emma Wylde are reunited in their fight for answers, but neither of them truly knows what they are up against. Even if they get out of this alive, life will never be the same for either of them.

Continue the Joe Coffin series with book two and get ‘…ready to enter into a gory, non-stop thrill ride, with lots of crime thrown in,’ today and discover why readers are buying Joe Coffin Season Three as soon as they have finished

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"If ever a book deserved to be binge-watched, Joe Coffin is it."

"Joe Coffin Season One drew me in from the very first page, and didn't let up until the end. Except that even now, I'm craving more."

"This was genuinely the best read I've had in a long time and I cannot wait for more from Joe Coffin!"


Release dateMay 24, 2023
Joe Coffin: Season Two
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Ken Preston

Ken Preston is the author of the Joe Coffin books, a vampire/gangster mashup set in the UK city of Birmingham.

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