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Jiwa Kita
Jiwa Kita
Jiwa Kita
Ebook31 pages36 minutes

Jiwa Kita

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About this ebook

Wahai separuh hatiku, dari Sabang sampai Merauke, aku kini sedang bersandar pada bantalan-bantalan rindu yang menggunung. Sesungguhnya kita memang terbentang jarak, tapi kita masih dapat menikmati langit yang sama — meski tak harus berdampingan. Maka aku selalu tenang menikmati langit sampai tak terasa semakin gelap. Kurasakan angin yang meniupkan kehadiran kalian dihatiku, kulihat senyummu membentang di antara terangnya bintang dan gelapnya malam.

LanguageBahasa indonesia
Release dateMar 2, 2023
Jiwa Kita
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Andi Sulistiadi

Anthesianz is an eccentric singer, songwriter, author, and arts and culture researcher. He has spawned few digital albums. Hope's the first album contains eight catchy songs in the Pop-Etnic-EDM genre in early 2022. Then, he released his previous digital albums entitled "Laka Laka", "Mr. Christmas", "Sraddha", and "Saved" in 2023. Then he was realeasing his album "Sokasrana", and extended play tittled "Short" in 2024. This singer from West Java is often known as a researcher in art, society, and culture under the name Dr. Andi Sulistiadi, MM.​Anthesianz became the opening performer of the second day of Prambanan Jazz 2022 in Yogyakarta, previously Anthesianz was selected as the winner of the Jawara Goes To Prambanan Jazz Festival in Bandung in early June 2022. A month later, in early August 2022, he performed as a solo singer and musician at the International Tourism Wellness Conference Festival 2022 in Solo.Then, he attended several music festivals such as Edufun Music Festival, Mag Festival, Kalai Festival, Tangerang Volume 5 Gigs, Rumah Musik Indonesia, Musikawan De Javu Festival, Sarinah Wastra Dolanan Music Festival and December Care Festival 2022.In early 2023, Anthesianz actively educated the arts & culture preservation campaign #indonesianwaves in the Tip-tip Cultural 2023 and Tangerang Fashion Festival (Taffest) 2023, Tabe Spots Festival 2023, Indonesia Annual Concert 2023, Teras Sore Elshinta TV, Bincang Musik Radio Heartline FM, Chillax Culture & Culinary Festival 2023, Eco Living Fest 2023, Festival Indonesia 2023, Traditional Games TGR Detective series, and Festival Seba Baduy 2023.Amazingly, his songs were awarded in several events such as: "Kanekessian" won best Jawara Goes to Prambanan 2022, "Halimun" the best King Q Voice Fest 2023, "Adorn Our Souls" at Indonesia Annual Concert 2023, "Tak Jauh/Ain't That Far" got privilege award at Tren Got Talent 2023, and "Aku Bisa Hebat" got best oroginal song at The Darwin's Theory.The man who was born on November 29 in Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia is known as an aesthetic pop singer with a distinctive voice and wide octave range. He is also known to be very fond of scientific research in the fields of art, culture, and education, especially in Indonesia. According to him, local wisdom is the nation's most remarkable heritage. The form can be anything, such as art, customs, heirlooms, philosophical values, and the like. Anthesianz himself has been named the official artist channel on YouTube. The name is interpreted imaginatively by him as someone who has the values of goodness and truth, a world full of honesty, peace, love, and good change.

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    Book preview

    Jiwa Kita - Andi Sulistiadi

    Andi Sulistiadi

    Jiwa Kita

    Kita Memang Beda

    First published by Artstage Global 2023

    Copyright © 2023 by Andi Sulistiadi

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise without written permission from the publisher. It is illegal to copy this book, post it to a website, or distribute it by any other means without permission.

    First edition

    Cover art by Anthesianz

    This book was professionally typeset on Reedsy

    Find out more at



    1. Atap Yang Sama

    2. Alas Yang Hijau

    3. Surganya Dunia

    4. Bangsa Pembawa Damai


    5. Keragaman Kita

    6. Kita Memang Beda

    7. Tetapi Satu Jua

    8. Kita Bisa, Jika Mau

    About the Author


    Jiwa Kita

    Atap kita langit yang biru

    Hirup udara segar yang sama

    Alas kita tanah yang subur

    Beragam warna hiasi jiwa kita

    Beraneka suku dan bangsa

    Ras dan agama, bahasa

    Rumah kita penuh budaya

    Jadikan kita satu bersama

    Berbeda-beda tetapi satu jua

    Bergandeng tangan satukan hati kita

    Kita tak sama memang kita berbeda

    Kita kan bisa jika kita bersama


    Atap Yang Sama

    Chapter Separator

    Kali ini, aku mendongakkan wajah pada langit kelabu sewarna udara dan jalanan dan paras kota yang kehilangan cemerlang. Pada batas samar antara dengung sirene atau peluru yang

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