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Sociedades animales: Animal Societies
Sociedades animales: Animal Societies
Sociedades animales: Animal Societies
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Sociedades animales: Animal Societies

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About this ebook

Animals interact and cooperate to various degrees within groups of their own kind. Follow an animal behavior case study to explore while learning the facts behind animal societies!

This nonfiction book features an inquiry-based investigation of animal behaviors using real-life examples—part of the Investigaciones sobre el comportamiento animal series.

Fun Children's Book Features:

  • This Spanish science book includes after-reading questions, reading suggestions, and an activity to encourage further learning and reading comprehension skills.
  • 24 pages with vibrant photographs
  • Guided reading level M

About Rourke Educational Media:

We proudly publish respectful and relevant nonfiction and fiction titles that represent our diverse readers, and are designed to support reading on a level that has no limits!

Release dateMar 15, 2023
Sociedades animales: Animal Societies
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