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Главы для «Сромань-Сам!»
Главы для «Сромань-Сам!»
Главы для «Сромань-Сам!»
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Главы для «Сромань-Сам!»

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About this ebook

Самоучительный набор пазликов для накачки персональных литературных навыков.

Release dateDec 9, 2022
Главы для «Сромань-Сам!»
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Sehrguey Ogoltsoff

After getting born in 1954 Sehrguey Ogoltsoff lived his life for three and thirty years in Russia and Ukraine.He studied, worked, served and worked again as any other mother's son (or almost that way).His mature age he dedicated to living in the Caucasus.Whenever you visit Mountainous Karabakh don't miss on coming to his home or he'll feel offended (no kidding).2 divorces, 3 wives (in turn! in turn!), 5 children, 6 grand-children (at the time of writing), 3 grand-great-kid (there will be more) - ain't it enough for a bio?see you!yours`Sehrguey

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