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Punished: Brides of the Kindred 27
Punished: Brides of the Kindred 27
Punished: Brides of the Kindred 27
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Punished: Brides of the Kindred 27

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About this ebook

Mia Deen is a strong, independent woman—she’s also a police detective in the Human Kindred Relations Department of the Tampa PD. Petite but curvy, Mia has worked hard to make a name for herself in a man’s world and she certainly has no secret sexual wishes to be dominated in any way.

Severith is Mia’s partner—he’s also a rare Dae’mon Kindred warrior. Seven feet tall, muscular, with red skin and horns, he’s a warrior to be reckoned with. But though the bad guys fall down at his feet in fear when they see “The Devil” coming, there’s one thing Sev can’t master—his intense attraction for his partner, Mia—an attraction which apparently is not returned.

All goes well until Mia and Sev are sent undercover to expose a cult. The PPP or Peaceful People of the Prophet have some very strange religious beliefs—the strangest being that a wife must submit unconditionally to her husband and he has the right to punish her sexually if she disobeys him.

While pretending to be a married couple, Mia and Sev begin to question everything about their relationship. Will the charged atmosphere of the strangely sexual cult blow their partnership to pieces? Will Mia learn to submit to Sev or will her troubled past keep her from giving in to the intense attraction between them? You’ll have to read this He Falls First, Fake Dating, Spicy Sci-fi Romance to find out.
Only one thing is for sure—someone is going to get...Punished.

Release dateJan 21, 2023
Punished: Brides of the Kindred 27

Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson is the USA Today Best Selling Author of the Brides of the Kindred and Born to Darkness series. She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since.You can find her online at her website www.evangelineanderson.comCome visit for some free reads. Or, to be the first to find out about new books, join her newsletter. Note from Evangeline--I have divided my my Kindred Tales series into smaller series based on themes and the type of Kindred the books are about. Have a look at the checklist--you might have missed oneKindred Tales Checklist and Series BlurbsKindred on Their Knees is a series of stand-alone novels set in the Brides of the Kindred universe. It's all about hot Alien Warriors subjugated to the will of their Mistress. Sometimes they turn the tables, but they always honor and protect the women they serve.Many of these stories are set on Yonnie Six--the planet in the Kindred universe where women rule with an iron fist and men are considered to be useful only as servants and playthings. So Female-led relationships and men in collars and chains are the order of the day. If you like that kind of vibe, you should enjoy the novels comprised here.Kindred on Their Knees[ ] 1.Mastering the Mistress[ ] 2.Freeing the Prisoner[ ] 3.Bridging the Distance[ ] 4.Instructing the Novice[ ] 5.Handling the Hybrid[ ] 6.Protecting His Mistress[ ] 7.Unleashed by the Defender[ ] 8.Accidental Acquisition[ ] 9.Bonded by TwoThe Monstrum Kindred seriesMeet the Monstrum Kindred Warriors from a neighboring universe, They look different from the Kindred the Earth has come to know. Some have hooves, some have horns, and all of them have fur below the belt. Yet, though they may look monstrous or animalistic to some, they have the same needs that all Kindred do. They all need Brides, and Earth is filled with unwed women who will soon be Claimed by the Monstrum. These books are for readers who love Monster Romance and Beastly Aliens.The Monstrum Kindred series[ ] 1.Enticed by the Satyr[ ] 2.Loved by the Lion[ ] 3.Taming the Tiger[ ] 4.Dragon in the Dark[ ] 5.Queen of Their Colony[ ] 6.Finding his Goddess[ ] 7.Shared by the MonstrumBeasts of the Kindred seriesThe Beasts of the Kindred series is for readers who love Beast Alien Romance. It includes stand alone novels in the Kindred Universe with Beast Kindred warriors as well as other Kindred who have Beasts inside them like Drake Kindred and Wulven Kindred. If you love a little feral action with your spicy romance, this series is for you.Beasts of the Kindred series (Beast Kindred)[ ] 1.Seeing with the Heart[ ] 2.Finding the Jewel[ ] 3.Pairing with the Protector[ ] 4.Raised to Kill[ ] 5.Saved by the Beast[ ] 6.Releasing the Dragon[ ] 7.Hitting the Target[ ] 8.Tied to the WulvenKindred Duets series (two novellas in one book)Kindred Duet books have two shorter stand alone novellas rather than one long story. If you like variety, this series is for you. Twice the hot Alien Spice and all kinds of themes and tropes including Enemies to Lovers, Daddy Dom, Single Mom, Cinnamon Roll heroes, as well as Morally Gray MMCs. You’ll find all this and more in the Kindred Duet Series. Enjoy!Kindred Duets series[ ] 1.Dark and Light[ ] 2.Wicked and Wild[ ] 3.Dae’mons and DomsKindred Times Two seriesThe Kindred Times Two series contains stand alone novels set in the Kindred Universe about Kindred warriors who must share a mate. If you enjoy lots of spicy MFM scenes, this series is for you.Kindred Times Two (Twin Kindred)[ ] Sharing a Mate[ ] Secret Santa Surprise[ ] Posing for Their PleasureBitten by a Kindred seriesThe Bitten by a Kindred series contains stand alone novels based in the Kindred Universe about Kindred warriors with fangs. There are the Blood Kindred who only bite to inject their essence and give their mates pleasure, but there are also stories of their darker cousins...the Pitch Blood Kindred, who must drink blood to survive. If you love Vampire Romance and spicy stories of sensual biting and piercing, this series is for you.Bitten by a Kindred (Blood Kindred)[ ] 1.Healing the Broken[ ] 2.Falling for Kindred Claus[ ] 3.Guarding the Goddess (included because it comes after Falling for Kindred Clause)[ ] 4.Playing their Parts[ ] 5.Delivered by the DefenderThe Kindred Time Travel Series is about Kindred warriors traveling through time to find the women they want to Claim as BridesTime Travel Kindred Tales[ ] 1.Trapped in Time[ ] 2.Time to HealThe Hybrid Kindred ChroniclesThe Hybrid Kindred Chronicles are stand alone novels set in the Kindred Universe. They tell the stories of Kindred warriors who carry the DNA of two or more branches of the Kindred Family Tree. Often, this makes it difficult for them to Bond with a woman and call a Bride. But when the Goddess intervenes, anything is possible.The Hybrid Kindred Chronicles[ ] 1.Bonded by Accident[ ] 2.The Priestess and the Thief[ ] 3.Healing Her Patient[ ] 4.Hidden Rage[ ] 5.Guarded by the Hybrid[ ] 6.Faking it with the Hybrid[ ] 7.Lost on Oblivion[ ] 8.The Kindred Warrior's Captive BrideThe Giants and Cyborgs Kindred seriesThese are stand alone novels set in the Kindred Universe all about two of the most unique kinds of Kindred warriors. Jor'gen Kindred are nine feet tall and tower over their human mates, yet these gentle giants are sworn to protect the women they love.Dark Kindred are sometimes more machine than man—these cyborg soldiers are grown in the Gestation Tanks of Z4, a planet where emotions are forbidden and punishable by death. Quite often these Kindred warriors are surprised when feelings for a curvy little human creeps into their previously stone-cold hearts.Extreme size Differences and Forbidden Emotions are two of my favorite tropes to write—I hope you enjoy these tales of Giants and CyborgsGiants and Cyborgs series[ ] 1.Taming the Giant[ ] 2.Awakened by the Giant[ ] 3.Bonding with the Beast[ ] 4.Burning for LoveTales of the Switch Kindred seriesTales of the Switch Kindred is a series of stand alone novels set in the Kindred Universe about Kindred warriors who can jump into and occupy the body of another. If you like body-swapping stories and spicy sci-fi action, this is the series for you!Tales of the Switch Kindred[ ] 1.Loving a Stranger[ ] 2.Stealing Her Heart[ ] 3.Taming Two Warriors (included in this series because it is a sequel to Stealing Her Heart)Author’s Note—I hope this explanation of the new series in the Kindred Tales helps. If you would rather read every single Kindred story in order, including the main series, Brides of the Kindred, you can find the Definitive Reading Order list in my Linktree which is always pinned at the top of my Facebook page. And if you’re new to the Kindred Universe and want to start at the very beginning, the first book in my main series, Claimed, is a free download everywhere.Hugs and Happy Reading!Evangeline Anderson

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