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Ruby for the mastodon
Ruby for the mastodon
Ruby for the mastodon
Ebook421 pages4 hours

Ruby for the mastodon

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About this ebook

If evolution would go a bit different, if not the Ice Age, we wouldn’t have English Channel, and probably there would be mastodons and palaeotragus in Victorian England, predatory saber-toothed mahairods and terrible (but beautiful) amphicyon bear-dogs, powerful boars Kubanoherus would lie in wait for hunters ... that is, on the contrary. It would be some wonderful life with long-dressed ladies and top-hatted gentlemen, balls and carriages, officers in red uniforms, and sacred ruby from a Hindu temple. That last one is necessary, because this is a funny and naughty parody of the famous Wilkie Collins novel, one of the very first detective stories in the world. This version is written by Svetlana Lavrova. 
Release dateDec 27, 2022
Ruby for the mastodon

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