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Michael Unger: Vita Somnium Breve
Michael Unger: Vita Somnium Breve
Michael Unger: Vita Somnium Breve
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Michael Unger: Vita Somnium Breve

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"Michael Unger" ist Ricarda Huchs zweiter Roman. Er berührt soziale Themen wie soziale Ungleichheit, Bourgeoisie und Rebellion gegen die Macht. Der Roman wurde 1903 veröffentlicht.
PublisherSharp Ink
Release dateMar 8, 2021
Michael Unger: Vita Somnium Breve
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Ricarda Huch

Ricarda Huch (1864 –1947) was a ground-breaking German historian, novelist and philosopher. As one of the first women to study at the University in Zurich, she received her doctorate in Philosophy and History in 1892. She authored numerous works on European history. She also wrote novels, poems, and a play. Der Letzte Sommer (The Last Summer) was first published in 1910. In 1926 she was the first female writer to be admitted to the Prussian Academy of Arts. She won from Thomas Mann the title: 'The First Lady of Germany' – and even had an asteroid named in her honour.

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