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Revelation: Book Three of The Devolution Trilogy
Revelation: Book Three of The Devolution Trilogy
Revelation: Book Three of The Devolution Trilogy
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Revelation: Book Three of The Devolution Trilogy

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About this ebook

Michael Dolan is now leading the CIA black operations team formerly known as SCALPEL, his fortunes buoyed by unparalleled success in thwarting numerous terrorist attacks. After uncovering a sinister network of organizations planning a cyber attack with global financial and geopolitical implications, he must risk putting the world at war if he is to save it.

REVELATION is Book Three of The Devolution Trilogy.

"Revelation is a high-concept black ops thriller masterfully interwoven with international finance, crypto tech, and theological subplots—an explosive and chilling postmodern spy novel that highlights the emergence of cyber as a new front in both traditional and asymmetric warfare."
—WILL HURD, Former TX Congressman, CIA Clandestine Officer, and Cybersecurity Executive

“A superbly written, spellbinding spy thriller that deftly conjoins the threat of global cyberterrorism with a nuanced, yet apocalyptic storyline. Revelation grips and does not let go."
—DAN SCHLUETER, DMin, Spiritual Formation; MA, Theological Studies; Author of In The Crucible

Release dateDec 1, 2022

John Casey

JOHN CASEY is a novelist and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet from New Hampshire. He is the author of Devolution, Evolution, and Revelation, which comprise The Devolution Trilogy, a psychological spy thriller series. Casey is also the author of Raw Thoughts: A Mindful Fusion of Poetic and Photographic Art, and Meridian: A Raw Thoughts Book. Raw Thoughts was nominated for the Griffin Poetry Prize and National Book Award. Casey co-authored The Barn: A Novell Mystery as well. His poetry has been featured internationally in numerous literary journals and magazines. A Veteran combat and test pilot with a Master of Arts from Florida State University, Casey also served in the Defense Intelligence Agency as a Diplomat and International Affairs Strategist at U.S. embassies in Germany and Ethiopia, the Pentagon, and elsewhere. He is passionate about fitness, nature, and the human spirit and inspired by the incredible spectrum of people, places and cultures he has experienced in life.

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