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Someone Else's Child: Westbay Romance Series, #2
Someone Else's Child: Westbay Romance Series, #2
Someone Else's Child: Westbay Romance Series, #2
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Someone Else's Child: Westbay Romance Series, #2

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About this ebook

A Westbay Romance Novel.

Femi is a part-time nurse and paramedic who in her spare time volunteers for the RNLI. She is also determined to be the best foster parent she can be, but when she's asked to look after Ahmed, a refugee from Syria, the dynamics in her home change dramatically.

At seventeen, Ricky is Femi's oldest foster child. He has a quick temper and wants independence. Thirteen-year-old Albert is quiet and shy and when he's given the opportunity to be reunited with his birth father he becomes both confused and excited.

When Lawrence, the new neighbour arrives, and befriends Ahmed, Femi begins to realise they are all united in tackling the heartbreak and demons from their pasts.

Each one of them must take risks to pursue their own dreams but the outcomes in life are never as you expect.
Will Femi have the perfect Christmas she desires?

This is a story of love, friendship, growth and discovery that will leave you tingling with emotion.


The Westbay Romance Series focuses on people in the local community of Harbour Street and all books have a resolution at Christmas.

"Set in the fictional seaside town of Westbay, Kent, the book is both absorbing and addictive as it draws the reader in to the lives and minds of three teenage boys from diverse backgrounds and the bond that develops between them and their amazing foster mother. Another winner from Jan that will leave you wanting more."

"I loved the relationships between Femi and all her children. The potential love between Femi and Lawrence, and not knowing how it was going to turn out, kept me turning the pages. I am loving this series."


"Love, family and friendship. A real feelgood story." Mike M.


"If you love that fuzzy feeling you get at the end of reading a wonderful story, this is the book for you!" J.J.

PublisherJanet Pywell
Release dateNov 22, 2022
Someone Else's Child: Westbay Romance Series, #2

Janet Pywell

Author Janet Pywell's storytelling is as mesmerizing and exciting as her characters. Her domestic Ronda George Thrillers feature a female amateur sleuth who is a kickboxing and Masterchef champion. In her international crime thriller series - Art forger, artist and photographer Mikky dos Santos is a uniquely lovable female: a tough, tattooed, yet vulnerable heroine who will steal your heart. These books are a must-read for devotees of complex female sleuths - an emotional female James Bond. Janet has a background in travel and tourism and she writes using her knowledge of foreign places gained from living abroad and travelling extensively. She draws on all her experiences of people and places to create exciting crime thrillers with great characters and all the plot twists and turns any reader could ask for. Janet honed her writing skills by studying for a Masters degree at Queen's University, Belfast - one of the Russell Group of universities. Janet researches meticulously and often takes courses in subjects to ensure that her facts are detailed and accurate and it is this attention to detail that makes her novels so readable, authentic and thrilling. Subscribe to her newsletter here:  

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