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No One Here Is Like Me: Race, Family, and Fatherhood
No One Here Is Like Me: Race, Family, and Fatherhood
No One Here Is Like Me: Race, Family, and Fatherhood
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No One Here Is Like Me: Race, Family, and Fatherhood

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About this ebook

“What are you?” 

Growing up in the 90s, Robert King heard this all the time. “I’m biracial,” he’d respond, as his family suggested he should. But that answer satisfied no one—least of all himself. In this humorous and intimate memoir, King reflects on defining moments in his life as a mixed-race man in America.

Since becoming a parent, these pivotal and often painful moments, have taken on new meaning for King. Imposter syndrome, otherness, code-switching, and loneliness are all things King is familiar with—and worries about for his sons. Like any parent, King wants his children to have a much easier time than he did. 

From teaching his kids to be their most authentic selves to modeling healthy relationships, King hopes to provide the necessary tools that will guide his sons on a different path than the one he had to endure. Most importantly, he stresses the importance of being loving and present so he can catch them when they fall.

Through therapy, self-reflection, and even in speaking with President Obama, King sees his experiences in a new light. The result? No One Here Is Like Me is an illuminating window into the biracial experience with golden parenting insights. 

In a series of anecdotes and reflections, King sprinkles humor through traumatic experiences that might seem all-too-familiar for anyone who is biracial. Laden with playful dad jokes, King  makes tough topics easier to swallow. No One Here Is Like Me is a moving story and hits home for those who have felt as though they don’t belong.

Editor's Note

Biracial parenting advice…

In this Scribd Original, King, a writer-comedian and a dad, relays formative moments in his life when being both Black and white made him feel like he didnʼt belong (“If the ʻBlack cardʼ was a real thing, mine would only work at certain stores”), and how these experiences inform his outlook on parenting. Donʼt worry: There are plenty of dad jokes throughout.

Release dateSep 14, 2022

Robert King

Robert King is a Los Angeles – based comedian who is currently writing on ABC's The Chase. Prior to that, Rob wrote for Leslie Jones on Supermarket Sweep, and he was the co-head writer for Hulu's Up Early Tonight, a late-night show for moms hosted by Abbi Crutchfield. Rob was an NBC Diversity showcase award winner in 2019, he plays a supporting character in the independent feature Can You Keep a Secret opposite Alexandra Daddario, and he plays multiple roles in Billy Crystal's Audible play Have a Nice Day. Previously, Robert was a writer for Lorne Michaels’s Above Average and the host of the popular web series Your Biggest Fan. Additionally, his half-hour scripts have been featured in the Austin Film Festival, New York Television Festival, and the Hollywood Screenplay Contest.

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