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How To Make A Living On Skype
How To Make A Living On Skype
How To Make A Living On Skype
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How To Make A Living On Skype

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About this ebook

Irineu makes his living teaching, and most of it, is on Skype. He says: I know only too well the difficulties one can face in life. Social mobility is extremely rare, and sometimes it can be your own government who won’t allow you to leave the poverty you face every day. I am writing to help you whatever your circumstances might be. If you live in a country where there are few opportunities, this book will be a light in the dark for you. Choose for yourself how you live your life! From the moment I decided to sell my knowledge to earn a living, I’ve never looked back. I urge you to have the confidence to do the same. In the past, who could have imagined that we would get to the stage where we are now, with literally hundreds of millions of people working from their own home and enjoying life, without rush and the stress of the unnatural office environment. I’m one of them. I’m going to share my own experiences. My aim is to give you a good insight; a map if you will which will show you what is available for you. Your financial freedom is not in a daydream and it’s not based on luck. It’s in this book.
Release dateNov 2, 2012
How To Make A Living On Skype

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