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Durante la reconquista: novela histórica. Tomo 1
Durante la reconquista: novela histórica. Tomo 1
Durante la reconquista: novela histórica. Tomo 1
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Durante la reconquista: novela histórica. Tomo 1

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About this ebook

«Durante la reconquista» es una novela histórica de Alberto Blest Gana publicada en París hacia 1897 en dos volúmenes. La acción se sitúa durante la reorganización de los patriotas tras el desastre de Rancagua. Trinidad Malsira está en una posición difícil, debido a su relación romántica con el coronel español Laramonte. Debe elegir entre el bando patriótico o el realista, pero finalmente el destino precipita su decisión.-
PublisherSAGA Egmont
Release dateApr 27, 2022
Durante la reconquista: novela histórica. Tomo 1

Alberto Blest Gana

Alberto Blest Gana (1830-1920) was a Chilean novelist and diplomat. Born in Santiago, he was raised by William Cunningham Blest, an Irishman, and María de la Luz Gana Darrigrandi, a Chilean aristocrat. After studying at the Military Academy and in France, Blest Gana pursued his political and literary interests. Inspired by the works of French novelist Honoré de Balzac, Blest Gana employed European writing techniques popularized by the Realist movement, authoring ten novels on the impact of history and politics on individual lives. His book Martín Rivas (1862), the first Chilean novel, is recognized as a masterpiece of Latin American fiction, but the success of its publication led to an increased demand for his diplomatic work. After a serving as an administrative official in Colchagua province, Blest Ganawas appointed Chilean ambassador to France and Britain and served for many years. He returned to literature upon retirement and continued to publish novels until the end of his life. Blest Gana is celebrated today for his for his mastery of style and intuitive sense of sociopolitical reality.

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