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Unsere Carlotta
Unsere Carlotta
Unsere Carlotta
Ebook51 pages44 minutes

Unsere Carlotta

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About this ebook

Unsere Carlotta ist eine wunderbare Geschichte von Isolde Kurz.


Über der Arnostadt ging eben die Sonne unter, der Himmel war offen, die Glorie brannte, Türme, Kuppeln, Paläste standen in einer Flammenesse, und hineinschauten verzückt die Zypressen der Villa Isotta.
Release dateJul 11, 2022
Unsere Carlotta

Isolde Kurz

Isolde Kurz (1853-1944) was a popular, prolific and erudite German writer renowned for her fine style in all genres. She became dazzled by visions of Hitler’s Germany as a new Holy Roman Empire. The Nazis in turn fêted the writer. In her 19th century youth, nationalism had been, as it currently is in many places, liberty’s darling. She did come to distance herself from the fascists as time went on, expressing disdain for their life-negating materialism, and signing a manifesto against nationalist excesses, militarism and antisemitism.

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