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The Last Friend You'll Ever Have
The Last Friend You'll Ever Have
The Last Friend You'll Ever Have
Ebook331 pages5 hours

The Last Friend You'll Ever Have

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Suzie Cain has more problems than she can count—the least of which is the fact that, if she touches a person, that person’s going to die within the week.

That, at least, she can work with. If people want to give her money to hang out with terrible people, well—it isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but it’s a living.

She has bigger problems. For starters, she doesn’t know who she is. Oh, she knows she’s Suzie, orphan and foster kid. She knows she’s dangerous. But why? Where did she come from? Her only clue is an old photo of a very angry woman with some sort of…shadow hovering behind her and a strange poem—or is it a curse?—written on the back.

And now she’s picked up a new problem, a biker named Ace who seems to be tracking her across state lines. He’s operating under the assumption that Suzie is a mercenary for hire, just like he is—and he doesn’t like the competition. But when she’s got the chance, she doesn’t touch him and she doesn’t know why.

If Suzie can break her curse, she can change her luck.

But life is never that simple. Because of course not.

Editor's Note

Intriguing Urban Fantasy...

An urban fantasy with a happy ending, Anderson’s “The Last Friend You’ll Ever Have” presents an intriguing world, one that’s just like ours — except if the book’s protagonist, Suzie, touches anyone, that person will die within a week. A contract assassin, Suzie ’s on the hunt to find out where her powers come from so she can try to get rid of them, or be alone for the rest of her life. Her book is a fast-paced adventure with lots of clever twists, and Anderson’s writing is sharp and evocative.

Release dateJun 7, 2022
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Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson won RT Reviewer's Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Find out more about Sarah's love of cowboys at

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