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The Littlest Coyote: Portuguese Edition
The Littlest Coyote: Portuguese Edition
The Littlest Coyote: Portuguese Edition
Ebook31 pages5 minutes

The Littlest Coyote: Portuguese Edition

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O Coiote Menor

O Coiote Menor, que uivava para a lua durante a noite e se divertia ao sol durante o dia, às vezes se perguntava o que há sobre a colina. "O céu ali ainda está azul? A grama ainda está verde? ", Ele ainda se perguntava. Um dia, ele decidiu subir a colina e partir para uma aventura.

O Coiote Meno

Release dateDec 15, 2021
The Littlest Coyote: Portuguese Edition

NM Reed

NM Reed is a narrative and fiction writer who has run a small business for decades creating art and drums and performing live ethnic dance and music. NM Reed and her husband Whitney Lee Preston are husband-wife teams of SciFi fantasy and myth authors. Both have spent decades in the community of ethnic music and traveling historical theater. They participate and sponsor live role-playing games at a large science fiction convention in the San Francisco bay area each year. They now live in the mountains of the central California region on a small ranch with lots of books and animals.

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