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Farm der Tiere
Farm der Tiere
Farm der Tiere
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Farm der Tiere

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mehrbuch-Weltliteratur! eBooks, die nie in Vergessenheit geraten sollten.

Erzählt wird der traurige Verlauf einer Revolution in Form einer Fabel: Bald nachdem die Tiere ihren Herrn vom Hof vertrieben haben, übernehmen die Schweine die Herrschaft. Mittels Propaganda und Terror zerstören sie systematisch alle Errungenschaften der Revolution und stellen das alte System aus Herrschertum und Knechtschaft wieder her.
Release dateOct 29, 2021

George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) was born in 1903 in India where his father was a civil servant. After studying at Eton, he served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma for several years which inspired his first novel, Burmese Days. After two years in Paris, he returned to England to work as a teacher and then in a bookshop. In 1936 he travelled to Spain to fight for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, where he was badly wounded. During the Second World War he worked for the BBC. A prolific journalist and essayist, Orwell wrote some of the most influential books in English literature, including the dystopian Nineteen Eighty-Four and his political allegory Animal Farm. He died from tuberculosis in 1950.

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