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O Balão Bobão
O Balão Bobão
O Balão Bobão
Ebook21 pages1 minute

O Balão Bobão

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About this ebook

História de um balão que se sentia muito triste e sozinho porque as crianças não gostavam dele. Boa leitura para refletir e analisar o amor superando o bullying.

Release dateFeb 15, 2022
O Balão Bobão

Zito Camillo

Zito Camillo da Silva was born in Paranaguá, a coastal city in Paraná in southern Brazil. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese. He sees words as one of the first ways to communicate with the world, writes charming and fun stories from an early age. He moved to São Paulo where he graduated in Classical Ballet. After an exhausting and intense artistic life in Brazil and numerous performances abroad, he moved to Massachusetts, city of Lowell - USA, where he currently resides.

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