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Les Chasseurs d'or
Les Chasseurs d'or
Les Chasseurs d'or
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Les Chasseurs d'or

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Une princesse du Grand Nord, l'héritière de Ball, a été mystérieusement enlevée. Son ami Roderick Drew le trappeur se lance à sa recherche. Mais alors qu'on cherche à lui brouiller la piste, il fait par hasard la découverte d'un squelette qui, dans sa main crispée, serre un parchemin. Il s'agit là d'une carte indiquant l'emplacement de mines d'or. Commence alors un terrible jeu de poursuite avec une bande de cow-boys prête à tout pour s'accaparer la carte...Voyage trépidant dans les étendues du Grand Nord, aventures de cowboys, ou légendes perdues : Curwood nous emporte dans un tourbillon d'action où le seul survivant a toujours un coup d'avance. Ce chef-d'œuvre du roman d'aventures fera l'objet d'une adaptation au cinéma avec John Wayne.-
PublisherSAGA Egmont
Release dateDec 20, 2021
Les Chasseurs d'or

James Oliver Curwood

James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927) was an American writer and conservationist popular in the action-adventure genre. Curwood began his career as a journalist, and was hired by the Canadian government to travel around Northern Canada and publish travel journals in order to encourage tourism. This served as a catalyst for his works of fiction, which were often set in Alaska or the Hudson Bay area in Canada. Curwood was among the top ten best-selling authors in the United States during the early and mid 1920s. Over one-hundred and eighty films have been inspired by or based on his work. With these deals paired with his record book sales, Curwood earned an impressive amount of wealth from his work. As he grew older, Curwood became an advocate for conservationism and environmentalism, giving up his hunting hobby and serving on conservation committees. Between his activism and his literary work, Curwood helped shape the popular perception of the natural world.

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