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Chacras, Cristais e Cromoterapia
Chacras, Cristais e Cromoterapia
Chacras, Cristais e Cromoterapia
Ebook144 pages1 hour

Chacras, Cristais e Cromoterapia

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About this ebook

Manual sobre cristais e Chacras, como fazer velas e incensos, glossário esotérico, exercícios para aumentar o seu magnetismo, ao longo de 183 páginas. Sistema de chacras egícpio, como fazer as suas velas e incensos, e muito mais

Release dateMay 10, 2018
Chacras, Cristais e Cromoterapia

Silvio Guerrinha

Sílvio Guerrinha is from Portugal, born in the year 1979, Capricorn. An avid reader, a professional writer and devoted researcher about Spiritual topics. He studied and practiced spiritualism and occultism since he was 17 years, learned about Chakras, Mesmerism and mediumship in a well-known Spiritism Center in his city, Sines, Allan Kardec Spiritism. He Studies and practices include meditation, magic, Egyptian Magic, Psychic development, crystal therapy, remote viewing, metaphysics, tarology, quantum physics. To solidify and test his own knowledge, he completed an online parapsychology course of 150 hours on 8 June, 2018, at the Centre of Excellence. Some of his areas of interest are: Spiritism, Umbanda (afro-Brazilian Spiritism), Shamanism, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Law of Attraction, Gnosis, Cosmopaganism, Synchromisticism, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, occult symbology, Alchemy, Tarology, Poetry, Quantum Physics.

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