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Advanced Russian Through Media
Advanced Russian Through Media
Advanced Russian Through Media
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Advanced Russian Through Media

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About this ebook

"Advanced Russian Through Media" is aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced level students of Russian who would like to expand their existing vocabulary, gain a better understanding of the contemporary Russian language and improve their knowledge of grammar through Russian media. It is based on material from authentic Russian newspaper articles written by Russians for native Russian speakers, which exposes students to real, everyday language.
The textbook is split into 10 self-contained chapters covering topics such as politics, business, history, crime, sport, cinema, Russian language, space, and fashion.
Each chapter starts with an article in Russian and is then followed by various grammar exercises to reinforce the vocabulary used in the article finishing with comprehension questions about the content of the article as well as additional questions on the topic. At the end of the textbook, there are translations of the articles into English as well as answers to the grammar exercises.
This textbook is recommended for university and adult students studying Russian independently, one-to-one, or in groups. It can be used as a supplementary resource by the language teachers at further education colleges, evening courses, undergraduate courses at universities, or for private tuition.

Release dateNov 12, 2021
Advanced Russian Through Media

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