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Archmagister: Histories of Drakmoor, #3
Archmagister: Histories of Drakmoor, #3
Archmagister: Histories of Drakmoor, #3
Ebook306 pages4 hours

Archmagister: Histories of Drakmoor, #3

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Think your job is bad?


The Archmagister of Tel wields complete and total authority over the Society of the Arcane and the Kingdom of Tel.  Tel is fractured.  The Royal Line and its sycophants abused the people for over six hundred years.  Brutal taxes for the common folk.  Uneven (or outright nonexistent) justice.  Nobility trained across generations to be harsh and unforgiving.


The Society of the Arcane is filled with elitists who have spent generations carving out their fiefdoms, sniping their opponents, and dominating their 'lessors.'

Oh...and let's not forget all the other countries.  The ones clamoring for war over King Leuwyn's treatment of non-humans.


As the newest Archmagister, it's Gavin's job to fix all this.


Will Tel be overrun in a multi-front war?  Will Gavin survive his new office?


Read Now to find out!

Release dateNov 4, 2021
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