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About this ebook

Dinkel ist nahrhaft und gesund!
Lassen Sie sich durch die vielen einfachen Rezepte für eine Ernährung mit diesem wertvollen Getreide inspirieren.
Tun Sie sich und Ihrem Körper einfach etwas Gutes.
Es lohnt sich!
Release dateSep 27, 2021
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Gabriele Kuppe

Gabriele Kuppe was born in the Rhineland. She grew up in the Ruhr area, went to school there and since 1978 her life has been back in the Rhineland. As a child, she liked to write stories, which remained unpublished. Other hobbies are music and dancing. However, her path initially steered in a completely different direction. After graduating from high school, Gabriele Kuppe worked by a lawyer for a number of years until she started working as a typist and later as a customer advisor in a mortgage bank. The author has been writing books since 2011 and she wants to encourage and inspire other people.

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