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’Tis About Time
’Tis About Time
’Tis About Time
Ebook508 pages7 hours

’Tis About Time

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About this ebook

'Tis about time Mrs. Bess Turner, a.k.a. Miss Bess N-ike, ventures back in time on another journey. 'Tis about Christmas in time (1849) where Bess finds herself in the quaint little fishing village, Whale's Cove, New Hampshire. Our 21st century heroine encounters a handsome gentleman from her imaginary past (or is he imaginary?) --- a loveable innkeeper --- a dashing sea captain --- pirates --- seamen galore. Oh, there are wives, some welcoming, some definitely not. Bess's adventures continue on land and sea, but when or will they end? Only time will tell.

PublisherYvonne Pont
Release dateAug 2, 2021
’Tis About Time

Yvonne Pont

Yvonne Pont, a native British Columbian, enjoyed a long career in the airline industry. Her love of travel and writing culminated in the creation of her debut novel, “The Bess Time” and this her second novel. She is currently writing the third book of this trilogy in the “Christmas In Time” series

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