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Relentless Misery
Relentless Misery
Relentless Misery
Ebook251 pages4 hours

Relentless Misery

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About this ebook

The truly cursed are Sunderland AFC supporters whether from blood, birth or sheer bloody-minded inclination... And the sworn enemy? Newcastle United of course. Not that this is a book about just Sunderland and Newcastle's love-hate relationship with football.  It's about the lot of football supporters travelling to faraway places-  like Brighton, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Bristol - and unfulfilled and disappointed England supporters following their national side to the industrial wastelands of Germany and France as well as Scottish rivalries such as Celtic v Glasgow Rangers not to mention the trials and tribulations of poor Patrick Thistle fans.
Funny or tragic - you decide!

Release dateJul 22, 2021
Relentless Misery

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