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A Questão do Tempo
A Questão do Tempo
A Questão do Tempo
Ebook59 pages56 minutes

A Questão do Tempo

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About this ebook

Queria ter tempo para dizer que não tenho mais tempo ou que nunca tive, teria de dizer tanto sobre tudo que a memória dormiria no balanço de uma rede a colher as folhas do outono e mostrar que o tempo se vai. Podia ficar mais um instante, mas isso é coisa dele, do jeito que se manifesta. Ouviremos o son de Marconi em nossa voz, ou faremos a vida iluminada como Edson propôs. As canções do tempo nos levam também. Queria dizer que amava porque amei ou que amo porque aprendi a amar, e que não há tempo para correr atrás de amores vazios, temos que amar o completo, o cheio, o que tem de tudo vivido um tempo de alegria, a melhor memoria. Ainda que seja bom que não nos apaixonemos por nossas fantasia, o tempo nos guia. Esse único conto é feito de vários, e esse único estado é como um ensaio, uma trama de pensar.

Release dateFeb 5, 2020
A Questão do Tempo

Pedro Moreira Nt

Who I amPedro Moreira NtI have been a writer since infancy; my father influenced me with reasonable asks to do that the best possible, and my mother, too, read to me, I have been a writer since infancy; my father influenced me with reasonable asks to do that the best possible, and my mother, too, read to me, and at both comes a song walking my mind, sweetness and lovely goodness. I am critical of that; I desire to create a mist of essay, but my preference for poem structure and sensibility do not long of art. So, I seek romanticizing concepts and developing a new sense of literature that happens in its movement. I leave it to the reader to do part of that; they create a truthful text and can do a good book. It is the interpretation, the way, a leap beyond what a word says, transforming our lives when they share.My first writings, chronic stories, participated in my soul. It was extremely critical and sarcastic about what I saw from reality.I am talking of a fifties age period behind. In a position about what I developed, my evolution was more toward apparent expressionism and realism with wave poetical intermain. I do not know, and I am a writer by chance by life.I wait to create something more dense and fragile so that a reader can discover more insight and make the story.I write all day. I threw out many texts, books, and theatre, left at home friends, gave up on other works, abandoned along the path, and presented in different ways when it was impossible.I have not had a time in which I did not have difficulties showing my art, or I was, for some reason, prohibited from showing, or people made oyster faces and bodies, seeing down shoes, putting me out because, beyond writing, I talk. And when I speak, I create conflict with conceptualistic people. I am intervenient into the academy and ideological corpus, into radicalism free. I am more definitive when I believe in what I say and highly flexible when people do not know what I am saying.My themes are variant, and many circumstances bring me a gift, a motive to write. I wrote in Portuguese two books that I like, "Lirio" - Lille, and "O Peixinho do Pantanal" - The Little Fish from Pantanal (Wetlands), and both meant creation, jump to beyond, overcome, transformation social and personal release.From that, I wrote other books seeking to show different meanings throughout of phantasy necessary, and it to parents and children a fantastic universe of possibilities for a personal construction, making life an adventure.I create a pedagogical process to write and design tangled images where it is possible to seek the theme of a short story. "Lippi and Semma Friendship" talks about that, and I wrote that short story through it. They led me to social problems, injuries, differences, the orthodoxy of community rules, cultural values, the barriers around democracy and its meaning, and the gratitude for a true friendship."Letter to the Moon" is a short love story, but love yourself, and send a letter to the Moon through a pebble launched for.Books about freedom, encountering people, loss, and gains, and becoming someone.Book for radicality of right in that it does not see your bottom."Bakery," for example, talks about that.I finished a short story made of challenges and adventures: "Memories of the Air." - from you start reading until the end, the thing is in action, in movement, an eternal fugue or secrets, and does not reveal its net. The reader will discover.

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