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21st Century Volleyball Expertise
21st Century Volleyball Expertise
21st Century Volleyball Expertise
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21st Century Volleyball Expertise

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About this ebook

"21st Century Volleyball Expertise" presents theories on the development of men's and women's volleyball, based on practical and lived experience of international coach Gylton Da Matta.

In the past 20 years, the technical advancements in sports have been remarkable. In the case of volleyball, such advancement is observed through the improvement in systems of training and the increase of technical expertise demonstrated at the world-class level. From a technical standpoint, volleyball is now faster than ever. Serves are faster, more accurate, and more aggressive. Volleyball players are performing at the threshold of human reaction and at the top of their ability.

Although technology, systems of training, and performance have increased, the content of volleyball coaching theory has not evolved at the same rate. "21st Century Volleyball Expertise" is the first of a series of books designed to address the practice, theory, and advanced volleyball content at the elite level.

This book organizes and focuses on the modern methodologies of practice and innovation, and it is supported by the reality of modern volleyball in the Nations Volleyball League, Olympic Games, and recent World Championships.

Best for expert coaches and elite athletes, this book presents and reflects upon best practices, coaching expertise, athletes' excellence, higher education, and sports scientific issues.
Release dateJun 20, 2021
21st Century Volleyball Expertise

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