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Dracula: A Graphic Novel
Dracula: A Graphic Novel
Dracula: A Graphic Novel
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Dracula: A Graphic Novel

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About this ebook

On a trip to Transylvania, Jonathan Harker stays at an eerie castle owned by Count Dracula. When strange things start to happen, and the count escapes to London, Harker realizes that he and his friends are in grave danger.
Release dateMay 15, 2021
Dracula: A Graphic Novel

Bram Stoker

Abraham Stoker was born near Dublin in 1847. He was virtually bedridden with an unidentified illness until the age of seven. After graduating from Trinity College, he followed his father into a career as a civil servant in Dublin castle, writing journalism and short stories in his spare time. In 1876 he met the actor Henry Irving and two years later became manager of Irving's Lyceum Theatre in London. Through Oscar Wilde's parents, Stoker met his wife Florence Balcombe. He wrote many books of which only Dracula (1897) is widely remembered. He died in 1912.

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