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Trezirea Beckai
Trezirea Beckai
Trezirea Beckai
Ebook221 pages3 hours

Trezirea Beckai

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About this ebook

Becka dorea puterea si banii. In schimb, si-a pierdut inima.

Becka este o vrajitoare si nu una foarte buna. Blestemata de catre strabunica ei, nu are nici cea mai mica idee cum sa scape de soarta ei. Cand isi varsa cafeaua pe un barbat strain, afla ca viata inseamna mai mult decat credea ea. Dar este ea pre

PublisherScarlet Leaf
Release dateMay 1, 2018
Trezirea Beckai

Rowena Dawn

Rowena Dawn enjoys writing romance and mysteries. Born in Europe, she defines herself as a child of the world. She loves traveling and discovering new places and new people. Most of her spare time is spent with her pug - the most obnoxious dog ever seen, as everybody labels him. She  will have a new romance series published soon!

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