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Маленькая Лиза
Маленькая Лиза
Маленькая Лиза
Ebook294 pages3 hours

Маленькая Лиза

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About this ebook

An angular teenage girl, frozen in a chair at the police station with frightened curiosity.
And - five corpses ... Five brutally killed adults - held and very different…
What unites them is that everyone knew little Lisa.
But Lisa is not a criminal! She is just a naive creature who timidly looks at the world of adults, trying to understand its strange truths and secrets…
The opera has an hour to unravel the tangle of other people's secrets and catch the killer.
He is sure that he will succeed.
You probably also think that you know everything about evil? Anyway. Evil is often bizarre and unbelievable. It grows up and changes with the world. And yet - at this moment it may be near you ...
Release dateJan 29, 2021
Маленькая Лиза
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