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Voicing Learning
Voicing Learning
Voicing Learning
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Voicing Learning

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About this ebook

A multi-voiced narrative to help educators understand the worth and procedures of ideal classmates, action logging, social testing, juggling, songlets, storytelling, and class publications through developing educational well-being, meaningfulness and positive psychology.

This is an innovative book that can be used as a resource for any language classroom or a supplement for language teacher education courses. The main content is given through a series of learners' voices (narratives) where we see how the learners make sense of the engaging tasks that were designed to create class cohesion, learner responsibility, and a sense of well-being. Based on decades of experience working with language learners and with training new teachers, Murphey takes us on an emotional journey told by the learners themselves. In addition to the narratives, this book contains valuable activities, references, and practical ideas which can be adapted to any classroom. In addition, this text would be an ideal starting point for discussions with MA TESOL students in order to help them to focus on listening to the voices of their own students.


Action and active learning and teaching is what we can see in this inspiring book in which Tim Murphey offers wonderful ideas and real examples for us, language teachers, teacher educators, researchers (as well as learners) to tune in to our students’ voices, hearts and minds and start helping each other to voice learning together!
(Ana Maria F. Barcelos, Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil)

A great didactic model for teachers who want to create a positive learning environment that goes beyond the subject matter, inviting fun and self-reflection.
(Manuela Cohen, LSenior Cultural Association, Italy and Switzerland)

Both in terms of content and format, this practical and accessible book puts students’ voices front and center and reveals the scale and depth of insight from our learners that we may be missing out on. This superb volume puts into the hands of teachers tools that allow them to co-construct with their students a more democratic classroom based on mutual respect and an ethic of care. By viewing students as complex and insightful individuals rather than mere entries on an attendance sheet, we can unlock a treasure chest of learner insight, and learn ourselves.
(Daniel Hooper, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan)

Learner narratives shared in this book were powerful. It reminded me why it is crucial to listen to students’ stories and get their perspectives (also for students to learn about their peers). This book also teaches practical ways to enhance students' "voice" in the classroom.
(Satoko Watkins, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan)

Release dateJan 11, 2021
Voicing Learning

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