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What If School Creates DYSlexia?
What If School Creates DYSlexia?
What If School Creates DYSlexia?
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What If School Creates DYSlexia?

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A must-read for parents and educators!

Some dyslexics never develop a reading problem, while others will struggle all their lives. What if School is what makes all the difference – but not in the way people think? Why do even our best attempts at remedial help too often backfire, causing anxiety, depression and damage to self-esteem?

If we can understand WHY only some dyslexics develop problems with learning to read while others do not, and what makes the difference, we may be able to change the lives of millions of young people. With adult dyslexics disproportionately represented among our most creative innovators and high achieving citizens on the one hand and the among prison inmates on the other, changing school-age realities could transform not only individual lives, but the well-being of our whole society. Given that between 5% and 20% of the population has dyslexia, how is it possible that young people in alternative education seldom if ever develop any problems around learning to read? Is there something - not only about the way that reading is taught, but about *when* it is taught and maybe also the fact that it is 'taught' at all - that makes it more likely that diverse learners will struggle? What if all of the common 'solutions' can actually become part of the problem, depending on whether they are offered, or imposed?

This booklet will leave you reeling with new possibilities, and concrete directions to explore.

Release dateOct 12, 2020
What If School Creates DYSlexia?

Je'anna L Clements

Je'anna L Clements is an advocate for young people's rights, a writer, a mother of a teen and a tween who have both self-educated since birth, and a founding member of Riverstone Village, Africa's first Sudbury-inspired learning community. She writes articles and e-books on alternative education including Help! My Kid Hates School! and the Helping The Butterfly Hatch series of books on Self-Directed Education facilitation. Book One - How Does Self-Directed Education Work, and Why? and Book Two - How Can We Best Support Young People In SDE are available as e-books, and more volumes in the series as well as print versions are forthcoming .

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