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Dimension Slip
Dimension Slip
Dimension Slip
Ebook292 pages4 hours

Dimension Slip

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About this ebook

‘I’m all right, Dad – just changed!’ When Jay Romero and his friend Mike go off camping in Bucknell Woods near their home town of Brackthorpe, Northants, it seems that nothing can go wrong. Then the two teenagers are caught in an electric storm and Jay is in the tent when it's hit by a lightning strike! But he survives – or rather, they survive. For Jay has entered a Dimension Rift and he now has a terrible alter ego – his ‘dark side’ come to life – who wreaks havoc and death in the quiet English town where the friends live. Can Mike and Jay get to grips with the ‘other’ Jay? Can they keep Jay’s peculiar problem a secret? Will they save humanity from a savage fate? Read about their grim showdown in the wilds of Dartmoor, and be glad that growing up doesn’t always involve a Jekyll-and-Hyde horror show of the sort Jay Romero experiences in this psycho-thriller.

Release dateDec 19, 2019
Dimension Slip

Oliver Franklin

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