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La bottega del caffè
La bottega del caffè
La bottega del caffè
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La bottega del caffè

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About this ebook

Composta nel 1750, La bottega del caffè è una commedia d’ambiente veneziano che ruota intorno a quello che può essere considera il primo grande personaggio goldoniano, don Marzio, un nobile sfaccendato e misantropo che alimenta pettegolezzi e maldicenze.
Release dateSep 18, 2020
La bottega del caffè

Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Goldoni was born in Venice in 1707. While studying Law in Pavia he was expelled from his College for having written a satirical tract about the people of Pavia. He continued his legal studies in Modena and finally graduated in Law in Padova. After practising this profession for a short while, he abandoned it in favour of the theatre. An extremely prolific theatrical career followed spanning over sixty years. Goldoni was a prolific playwright, widely regarded as the Italian Molière. He died in Paris in 1793.

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