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Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story: Cyberpink, #1
Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story: Cyberpink, #1
Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story: Cyberpink, #1
Ebook238 pages2 hours

Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story: Cyberpink, #1

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About this ebook

Blood Runs Pink

Hunger Games meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story.

When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. But will he manage to even turn a profit, when he knows little about the game and its seedy world, when the opponents play dirty on and off the field, and when the game's popularity grows with every player injury and death?

Do you wanna watch the bloody game of Cyberpink? Do you wanna meet Pickle Pie? Then read this exciting story where popularity is queen and blood runs pink.


Release dateMay 24, 2018
Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story: Cyberpink, #1

George Saoulidis

Writer/Director. I enjoy taking ancient Greek myths and turning them into modern sci-fi spooky versions. I also like to write romantic comedies, and people seem to go "Awww!" over them, so why not?  Many of my stories are icky, in various ways. I’m European, we have a higher tolerance for that kind of stuff. Plus, I’m inspired by mythology and Shakespeare, so if you can’t handle tragedy and bodily fluids, feel free to move on. My photo has been redrawn by a neural network. Join the Mythographers, download the free starting library and begin reading right now:

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