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Unlucky in Lockdown
Unlucky in Lockdown
Unlucky in Lockdown
Ebook114 pages1 hour

Unlucky in Lockdown

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Cora and Xandra have been flatmates for over a year, but they've never been friends. It's not been a problem before - Cora likes her peace and quiet, and Xandra's happy to leave her to it, spending most of her time partying elsewhere. But when the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold, and the UK is put under lockdown, they find themselves forced into spending a lot more time together. Will they put their differences aside and learn to tolerate each other's company? Will familiarity breed further contempt...or will they find common ground and develop a true friendship?


Unlucky in Lockdown is a 26,750 word novella set during the first two weeks of the UK's lockdown.

Release dateAug 14, 2020
Unlucky in Lockdown

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