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Birimbau Brasileiro Método De Percussão: Brazilian & Classical Inclusive Education - Educação Inclusiva Clássica & Brasileira
Birimbau Brasileiro Método De Percussão: Brazilian & Classical Inclusive Education - Educação Inclusiva Clássica & Brasileira
Birimbau Brasileiro Método De Percussão: Brazilian & Classical Inclusive Education - Educação Inclusiva Clássica & Brasileira
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Birimbau Brasileiro Método De Percussão: Brazilian & Classical Inclusive Education - Educação Inclusiva Clássica & Brasileira

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Minha pesquisa aborda a história do Brasil, a cultura da Capuêra brasileira (Kaa-poera, Capoeira Capuera, Capoera) que é PATRIMÔNIO CULTURAL IMATERIAL DA HUMANIDADE (UNESCO 2014) e os estilos desportivos da Capoeira Angola & Regional; a música folclórica, clássica, MPB, rock, jazz. Ensino técnicas inovadoras de composição e de execução pra aprimorar o desempenho do Birimbau brasileiro (berimbau, gunga, etc.) e percussão.

― My research addresses the history of Brazil, the culture of Brazilian Capuêra (Kaa-poera, Capoeira Capuera, Capoera) which is IMMATERIAL CULTURAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY (UNESCO 2014) and sports styles Angola & Regional; folk, classical, MPB, rock, jazz music styles. I teach new composition and execution techniques to improve the performance of Brazilian Birimbau (aka berimbau, gunga, etc.) and percussion.

O livro apresenta fotos dos componentes de Birimbau e demonstra a sua montagem e ajuste. Ensino a escrever e ler a música do Birimbau na partitura tocando a música tradicional da Roda de Capuêra. Meu sistema de ensino adiciona benefícios à educação escolar e acadêmica atualizando a notação da música clássica com ajustes cruciais pra melhorar a criação de composição e aprimorar a interpretação das canções de Capuêra, Samba, Chorinho, Bossa, MPB, Rock, Jazz, Clássica e World Fusion.

The book present photos of the components of Birimbau and shows its assembly and adjustment. I teach writing and reading Birimbau music in the score playing the traditional music of Roda de Capuêra. My divergent teaching system adds benefits to school and academic education upgrading the notation of classical music with essential changes to improve composition creation and refine the interpretation of Capoeira, Brazilian MPB, Samba, Chorinho, Bossa Rock, Jazz, Classical & World Fusion songs.

Release dateJul 6, 2020
Birimbau Brasileiro Método De Percussão: Brazilian & Classical Inclusive Education - Educação Inclusiva Clássica & Brasileira
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Mestre Jeronimo

MESTRE JERONIMO (Artiste & Author)Born and raised in the Brazilian Amazon jungle, I have been active since 1974 performing and producing creative music and arts. I hold an extensive unique experience with the culture of Capuêra (Kaa-poera, Capoeira Capuera, Capoera), Brazilian music, classical, folk, jazz, rock and commercial performance.I consider my top achievement in live the education I generate to inspire the welfare of my dear daughter Marina, born and raised in Bondi Beach.I am a bilingual person. Living in Brazil, Europe and Australia, I studied Brazilian, French, Spanish, English, German, and Italian languages.I spent 20 years working as a full time and part-time bassist in symphonic orchestras and have been a member and conductor in classical and folkloric vocal and instrumental ensembles, in Brazil and Australia.In my youth, I achieved national volleyball rank in Brazil. Nowadays my best hobby is to enjoy beach volley in Bondi Beach, playing it with my family and friends.I pioneered the establishment of the first Australian School of Capoeira in Sydney at the Bondi Pavilion Community Cultural Center, in 1988. Since that time, I teach and perform Capoeira and music for a variety of events in Australia and internationally.In 1994 in Sydney, I became a foundation member for the Brazilian Community Council of Australia (B.R.A.C.C.A.).I have recorded my original works in various genres and toured extensively.I write artistic and educational books.MY BILINGUAL BOOK & E-BOOK PUBLICATIONS10.Title: CAPOEIRA $LAVE RITUAL TOTAL RECALL - © December 2022 / June 2023 ––– *(I published six books in the tongue of Aussie, Brazilian, French, Spanish, Italian and German taxpayers.)9.Title: CAPOEIRA INTERNET ROD@ VIRTUAL 2021 – ISBN 9781005207939 © September 2021 (Brazilian & English)8.Title: BIRIMBAU BRASILEIRO Método de Percussão – ISBN: 9781005830106 & 9781700225795 © October 2019 (Brazilian & English)7.Title: GUITAR TAB CHART Bilingual Divergent Music Education – ISBN: 9781005873196 & 9781081293833 © July 2019 (Brazilian & English)6.Title: CANTA CAPUÊRA Compilation of Capoeira Songs – ISBN: 9781005537869 & 9781096477297 © May 2019 (Brazilian & English)5.Title: SINFONIA DE BIRIMBAU Culture of Capoeira in Classical Music – ISBN 9781513625577 © August 2017 (English)4.Title: SINFONIA DE BIRIMBAU Cultura da Capoeira em Música Clássica – ISBN 9781513625584 © September 2017 (Brazilian)3.Title: SINFONIA DE BIRIMBAU Cultura de la Capoeira en Música Clásica – ISBN 9781513625560 © November 2017 (Spanish)2.Title: CAPOEIR@ INTERNET – ISBN 0 646 37351-X ©1999 (Brazilian & English)1.Title: CAPOEIRA $LAVE RITUAL – ISBN 0 646 263838 ©1995 (English)CD PRODUCTION:5. CD ENCHENTE © 2007 made in BR4. CD SEED OF FREEDOM © 2004 made in AU3. CD CAPOEIRA ART & RITUAL © 2002 made in AU2. CD WARRIORS DANCING © 1997 made in AU1. CD PALMARES IN AUSTRALIA © 1989 made in AUEXPERIENCE IN WORLDWIDE EVENTS:•Internationally (from 1985 to 2020) I've been teaching and performing music and Capoeira in Europe; Australia; New Zealand; Brazil; New Caledonia; USA; Canada and South Africa•Sydney (1990-2004) Festival of Sydney•Sydney (1992-2002) bassist performing classical music with: Sydney Opera House Orchestra; Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Penrith Symphony Orchestra•Sydney (1993-2000) teaching children aged 3 to 10 at the Bondi Pavilion•Adelaide (1999 and 2002) WOMAD Festival•Sydney (from November1987 to 2006) Capoeira and Music Teacher at: Bondi Pavilion Community Cultural Centre; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; NSW University; University of Sydney and SBS Radio•New Zealand (1994) The University of Wellington•Auckland (1992) Asia Pacific Festival / New Zealand Arts Foundation•Brazil (1978 to 1983) Amazon Theatre Choir and Choir Madrigal Jovem de Brasília•Brazil (1981-84) bassist employed full time at State Youth Orchestra of Rio de JaneiroACADEMIC EDUCATION:•Certificate IV TESOL, TESOL Australia (2019)•Master of Music (Composition), University of Sydney (2018)•Graduate Diploma of Music (Performance), AMPA, Sydney (2017)•Diploma of Music (Performance), TAFE NSW (2015)•Diploma of Music (Business), TAFE NSW (2014)•Bachelor of Music (Contrabass Major), Brazil (1983)•Qualified Music Teacher, Brazil (1983)PROFESSIONAL PROFICIENCY:Teaching; composition; singing; recorder-flute; guitar, bass; piano; percussion; drum; and gumbark (aka didgeridoo); recording and mixing, programming music notation editors and Logic Pro digital audio workstation and sound effects; ePub digital conversion and validation for eBooks.Erudition in Brazil included teachers: João Maciel (guitar), George Geszti-student of Béla Bartók (recorder and theory), Dirson Costa and Levino Alcantara-students of Villa Lobos (choir and orchestra), Tony Botelho, Sandrino Santoro, Guido Bianchi (double bass), Nelson Aires, Roberto Sion (jazz/composition), amid others.Ever since living in Australia, Mestre Jeronimo has been sharing concerts and educational matters in conjunction with: Mike Nock (piano-jazz), Riley Lee (Japanese shakuhachi-flute), Mark Atkins (gumbark-didjeridu), Mike Ryan (trumpet-Latin/jazz), Jane Butler Andino (piano-Latin/classical/jazz), Monica Trapaga (singer, TV Presenter), Steve Reeves (double bass-Melbourne Symphony orchestra), Kees Boersma (double bass-Sydney Symphony orchestra), Guy Strazullo (guitar-jazz), Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet-jazz), Leon Gaer (bass-jazz), Gordon Rytmeister (drums-jazz/rock), Fabian Hevia (drums-Latin/jazz) and Dón Burrows (clarinet-jazz), among others.

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