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Batman Paperback, Band 6
Batman Paperback, Band 6
Batman Paperback, Band 6
Ebook186 pages36 minutes

Batman Paperback, Band 6

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Poison Ivy übernimmt die Weltherrschaft - und nur Batman und Catwoman trotzen ihrem Bann! Und während Selina ein Hochzeitskleid shoppt, erhält Bruce vom Zeitreisenden Booster Gold ein frühzeitiges Geschenk. Doch dadurch entsteht eine düstere neue Realität, in der nichts mehr ist, wie es sein sollte.
Release dateFeb 11, 2020
Batman Paperback, Band 6

Tom King

Tom King, Lord King of Bridgwater CH, was Secretary of State for five different departments in the Cabinets of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. He was Secretary of State for Employment during the miners’ strike, and for Northern Ireland during one of the worst periods of terrorism; he was responsible for launching the Anglo-Irish Agreement, a controversial initiative that helped start the peace process. Later, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, King was responsible for the biggest deployment of British troops and heavy armour since World War II. He was appointed by John Major as first Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, overseeing MI5, MI6, and GCHQ, and on the change of government was reappointed by Tony Blair.

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