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Jocul Vânzării
Jocul Vânzării
Jocul Vânzării
Ebook533 pages7 hours

Jocul Vânzării

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About this ebook

De ce merită să citești cartea Jocul Vânzării:
o Îți prezinți produsul în cel mai ATRACTIV mod posibil
oIdentifici și bifezi CRITERIILE DE CUMPĂRARE ale clienților
o Tratezi OBIECȚIILE clienților DIFICILI, uneori, chiar înainte să apară
o Ofertezi pe limbajul lor, utilizând TACTICI irezistibile
o Afli cum să ajungi la ÎNCHIDEREA VÂNZĂRII
o Utilizezi în avantajul tău contextul unde are loc vânzarea

PublisherBogdan Vaida
Release dateJul 18, 2019
Jocul Vânzării

Bogdan Vaida

Bogdan Vaida burst onto the training scene in 2009 using extremely old Powerpoint presentations. Luckily, 2 years later he switched to experiential trainings and learning by doing, methodologies that he practiced devotedly into all of his trainings. Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, Bogdan has been told that he helps participants get their own “insanely practical insights”. What does he do? He travels around the world doing experiential trainings in fields ranging from time management to personality typologies and trainer training. While doing this he also manages his online courses that have over 7624 students from all over the world. In 2015 he beat the record for total time spent in airports. If you want to see what he is teaching just do one of the tests on the Online Personality Tests page:

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