À qui le coco?
À qui le coco?
À qui le coco?
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À qui le coco?

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Une magnifique promenade dans une nature
printanière qui nous permet de découvrir les
oiseaux qui nous entourent, leurs nids et leurs
oeufs colorés, tous différents. Entre poésie et
documentaire, cette petite introduction à l’ornithologie est à savourer entre enfants et parents.
Release dateApr 3, 2018
À qui le coco?
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Mireille Messier

Mireille Messier is a Montreal-born, Ottawa-raised and now Toronto-based award-winning children's writer with a background in broadcasting and theater. Before becoming an author, Mireille worked as a television and radio host, a scriptwriter, a book reviewer and a voice actress. Sometimes she still does those things. Since the launch of her first book in 2003, Mireille has published over twenty books, some in French, others in English, for children of all ages. Her titles have been nominated for the Shining Willow, Blue Spruce and Governor General's Awards. Mireille lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, two wonderful daughters, three fluffy cats and over a hundred goldfish. For more information, visit mireille.ca.

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