L’Anarchia: Premium Ebook
L’Anarchia: Premium Ebook
L’Anarchia: Premium Ebook
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L’Anarchia: Premium Ebook

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Abbiamo detto che l’anarchia è la società senza governo. Ma è possibile, è desiderabile, è prevedibile la soppressione dei governi? Vediamo...

Errico Gaetano Maria Pasquale Malatesta (Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 4 dicembre 1853 – Roma, 22 luglio 1932) è stato un anarchico e scrittore italiano, tra i principali teorici del movimento anarchico.
PublisherFV Éditions
Release dateFeb 6, 2020
L’Anarchia: Premium Ebook
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Errico Malatesta

Errico Malatesta (1853–1932) is a principal figure of Italian and international anarchism. His sixty-year militancy, much of it spent in exile or in prison, spanned the foundation of the anarchist movement in 1872 to the eve of the Spanish Revolution. He has written “bestsellers” of anarchist literature, such as Between Peasants, Anarchy, and At the Café. However, his evolving anarchism—pragmatic, theoretically coherent, and as relevant today as it was a century ago—is best illustrated by the myriad of articles scattered in the anarchist press and collected for the first time in these Complete Works.

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