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La confiance des consommateurs envers les marques des distributeurs: le cas des produits agro-alimentaires au cameroun
La confiance des consommateurs envers les marques des distributeurs: le cas des produits agro-alimentaires au cameroun
La confiance des consommateurs envers les marques des distributeurs: le cas des produits agro-alimentaires au cameroun
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La confiance des consommateurs envers les marques des distributeurs: le cas des produits agro-alimentaires au cameroun

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Il n’y a qu’un patron : le client. Et il peut licencier tout le personnel, depuis le directeur jusqu’à l’employé tout simplement en allant dépenser son argent. En effet, le client est le moteur même de l’entreprise, sa raison d’exister, car de par ses achats, il assure la rentabilité et la pérennité de l’entreprise. Dans le contexte actuel où les clients sont de plus en plus volatils et développent des exigences de plus en plus élevées, les entreprises doivent établir des relations de confiance, à la fois durable et prospère. Relations qui s’avèrent être d’autant plus obligatoire sur les marchés où l’intensité concurrentielle est élevée tel que le marché de la grande distribution alimentaire. Caractérisé par une concurrence intense entre les distributeurs, le marché de la grande distribution alimentaire oblige les entreprises à décupler leurs efforts pour attirer des clients, et pour les fidéliser. Or, pour créer une relation fidèle avec ses clients, toute entreprise doit commencer par obtenir une condition indispensable : la confiance du client pour les produits qu’elle fabrique et qu’elle commercialise.

Cette confiance est de plus en plus difficile à obtenir de nos jours. Les crises alimentaires (vaches folles, grippe aviaire, etc.) qui se sont succédées et l’évolution des comportements des consommateurs vers une méfiance accrue pour les acteurs de la chaine alimentaire expliquent en partie cette difficulté. Les distributeurs alimentaires assistent donc à une profonde remise en question de la relation de confiance entre les consommateurs et les marques qu’ils distribuent et doivent donc tout faire pour rassurer ces derniers sur la qualité de leurs produits. Il est donc important pour les distributeurs qui ont crée leur propre Marque De Distributeur (MDD) de mieux comprendre le concept de confiance et les facteurs générateurs de la confiance.

Les marques de distributeur permettent aux distributeurs de générer des marges plus élevées et sont un vecteur de fidélisation de la clientèle, il est donc très importants pour les distributeurs que ces marques soient appréciées par les consommateurs et donc que ces derniers aient confiance en elle. Ne possédant pas la notoriété et l’ancienneté des marques nationales (MN), les marques de distributeurs (MDD) doivent faire face à la réticence de certains consommateurs qui peinent à leur accorder leur confiance. Les distributeurs doivent donc trouver le moyen de les rassurer et de leur démontrer la qualité de leurs produits. Pour pouvoir élaborer une stratégie efficace, les distributeurs ont besoin d’un retour sur le niveau de confiance des clients pour leur MDD et d’une analyse visant à leur permettre de mieux comprendre le concept de confiance, et de déterminer les facteurs générateurs de celle-ci. C’est dans ce but qu’ont été menés nos travaux de recherches et de stages que sanctionne le présent livre. Ils portent d’une manière générale sur les relations établies entre les consommateurs et les marques des distributeurs et s’appliquent à déterminer les différents fondements et les mécanismes du concept de confiance afin d’aider les distributeurs dans l’acquisition de cette dernière. Ils aident également à mesurer le niveau de confiance des consommateurs pour les marques des distributeurs. Les critères de confiance étant très différents entre les produits alimentaires et les produits non- alimentaire l’analyse a été limitée ici aux produits alimentaires des marques de distributeur jugés « plus sensibles ».

Aussi, approfondir les connaissances sur ces marques, connaître l’avis des consommateurs sur celles-ci et déterminer le degré de confiance qu’ils leur accordent est une priorité pour toute l’industrie de la grande distribution. Et pour cause, ces connaissances leur permettront d’être plus performant dans leur travail, de développer un argumentaire de ventes plus cohérent, d’être de meilleurs conseils pour les clients et d’être capable de les rassurer sur la qualité d

Release dateDec 10, 2019
La confiance des consommateurs envers les marques des distributeurs: le cas des produits agro-alimentaires au cameroun

Rostant Maghen Negou

ROSTANT MAGHEN NEGOU : BIOGRAPHY OF A GHETTO CHILD WHO DID NOT LACK AMBITION Rostant MAGHEN NEGOU is a Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) executive he joined in 2014 after being in turn; Managing Director at Société Image Sarl, where he was responsible for managing business development, streamlining management, and optimizing operating cost reduction; and Director of Agency at the Cameroonian Savonnerie Company where he was in charge of business creation and management, commercial development, project management and human resources. Graduate of a professional Master in Marketing-Sales, Negotiation and Management of Commercial Teams of the Institute of Business Sciences and Management (ISEM) of the University of Montpellier in France which will later become Montpellier Management and 'a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) of the University of Poitiers in France, he claims dozens of certifications and years of professional experience. Also Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier, Rostant MAGHEN NEGOU wants to integrate a large group, an innovative startup or an ambitious SME with a business model in the Blue Ocean where he could team up with highly qualified people to create future standards for Africa. Born October 13, 1985 in a ghetto in the suburbs of Douala district, he is married, father of several children and the author of several articles and books including "What strategies for the public service of the African audiovisual? The case of Cameroon Radio TeleVision (CRTV) "[1] and" Consumer confidence in distributor brands: the case of agri-food products in Cameroon "[2] PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL LIFE Psychology establishes several types of personalities, including Perfectionism. Like any perfectionist, Rostant MAGHEN NEGOU seems to get a real feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from a job well done that required a sustained effort. Besides, his entourage thinks that he is someone who tries compulsively and without truce to achieve unrealistic goals and who judges his own value only in terms of productivity and performance. With a more calm temperament, he prefers to analyze each situation with clarity in order to avoid being mistaken, because as he likes to say: "there is a place for everything, and everything must remain in its place. So even if I do not always recognize my emotions, I strive to respond with fidelity and generosity to the needs of my loved ones, rather by concrete works than by empty words ". Whatever the ability to respond energetically to adversity, Rostant MAGHEN NEGOU tends to help others besides, sometimes even beyond the reasonable and without any benefit. Thus, in its activities, it is respectful of procedures and standards because it always prefers to trust proven solutions. He works for a practical purpose, likes to be rather alone and to be in a position of authority. He usually has a good memory of facts, can organize and plan his work and go to the end of his achievements. His profession is first and foremost a passion for him! "What fascinates me so much in my job is this power to create from scratch, simple and effective solutions, able to make the life of consumers more enjoyable ... Create and maintain a symbiosis between targets so different from each other, is only possible thanks to the magic of Communication. Because producing and selling are not enough to be more effective than competition, the power of marketing is to determine the needs and desires of target markets and to produce the desired satisfactions in a cost-effective manner. He concludes [3] ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Born on October 13, 1985 in Douala, in a ghetto in the suburbs of the economic capital of Cameroon, the young Rostant MAGHEN NEGOU began his school studies at the Primary School and Kindergarten of the Council of Baptist and Evangelical Churches of Cameroon (CEBEC) directed by the Evangelical Church of Cameroon (EEC). [4] Still very young he is deeply marked by his failure in primary school class First Year (CE1). From then on he strives to always be the best, to always obtain excellent results. Thus, three years later, he obtained the Certificate of Primary and Elementary Education (CEPE) at the same time as the entry examination at Lycée d'Oyack. Having passed the BEPC in the fourth year, one year in advance, he is forced by the Lycée administration to prevent him from going to the second grade "C" class to join Private College St. Martha where two years later he getshis Probatoire Diploma at the same time as the Entrance Exam at New-Bell High School. [5] Then follows the obtaining of the Baccalaureate Diploma of the General Secondary Education series Scientific, specialty Mathematics and Physics and the entry to the Faculty of Humanities and Letters (FLSH) of the University of Douala in Cameroon in Bachelor's Degree in Communication of Organizations. [6] It is at this time that our young prodigy is passionate about Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and goes on certifications after certifications. In 2017 he graduated with a Professional Master in Marketing-Sales, Negotiation and Management of Commercial Teams at the Institute of Business and Management Sciences (ISEM) of the University of Montpellier in France which later became Montpellier Management. Two years later he reoffends and obtains a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) of the University of Poitiers in France. [7] PROFESSIONNAL CAREER Coming from a modest family living in a ghetto on the outskirts of the city of Douala in the third arrondissement, the early death of the child and then the father of Rostant MAGHEN NEGOU forced him from high school to pursue a professional activity in parallel with his studies. Thus, his career began in June 2003 with a job training for a commercial agent in an insurance company in the city of Douala. Two years later he was recruited as Distribution Manager for a refined vegetable oil producer. Since 2006, the desire to put into practice the theoretical knowledge learned in communication organizations at the University of Douala pushes him to train in Design, Development and Maintenance of Website, which allows him to practice as a webmaster and analyst Web programmer in several Cameroonian SMEs. Then in 2010, he began his own business and became an independent consultant in Integrated Marketing Communication for communication and IT service delivery agencies. But in January 2012 he is debauched by the Cameroonian Savonnerie Company as Director of Agency with missions to get back his Douala agency. Two years later, the majority shareholder of Image Sarl Company hears about his achievements at the Cameroon Savonnerie Company and proposes him the position of General Manager of his company so that he rectifies the management of its commercial development, the rationalization of its management, and the optimization of the reduction of operating costs. Sensing having reached the ceiling of his career within SMEs, in October 2014 he decided to leave to join the Operational Committee of Clean Resources (CORP) of Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) as Commercial and Administrative Framework. Position he simultaneously occupies with that of Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier. [8] Thus accustomed to dynamic and demanding environments, Rostand MAGHEN NEGOU says he wants to contribute to new challenges, by taking advantage of his exceptional training, his long professional experience, his know-how, his sense of result, his strong leadership, team spirit, client portfolio, relationships and personal qualities. In fact, like the results obtained in his previous positions, particularly in marketing and sales in the agri-food and technology sectors, which allowed him to acquire a mastery of the tools of development and implementation of effective solutions, it places particular emphasis on improving internal processes and increasing turnover. So, it can boost sales and develop a business. And its multidisciplinary training is no less than it meets the sharp needs of the best companies, talent able to make a difference in an international and hypercompetitive environment. He is currently working on enriching his bibliography with new works in management sciences.é_au_Cameroun

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