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Beautiful Jesus
Beautiful Jesus
Beautiful Jesus
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Beautiful Jesus

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About this ebook

Our escape from this three-dimensional temporal world is calling us. It's a reality that cannot be confined within the four walls of the church. This reality violently presses through and against our four walls, inviting us into a realm of perception. 

And here, our attention laid at the once bleeding Feet, is captivated by a beauty that surpasses all else. Mystified at the personification of Beauty, our eyes become illuminated, and Beauty Himself gazes at us. He pours out every ounce of His attention upon our being. His gaze is intoxicating; His smile so rich with life that it conquers the Adam within us. His light - such warmth - it turns our winters into summer, clears our gloomy grey skies, and imparts color to us. 

Who is this One, lovelier than all we have and could ever lay our eyes upon? Who is this One, whom even the word Beautiful is inadequate to describe? He is our Beautiful Jesus. 

Release dateDec 2, 2019
Beautiful Jesus

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