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La guerra ha terminado y todos alrededor de Ann se están preparando para celebrar el Día de la Victoria en Europa. Sin embargo, no todo es una celebración: el marido de Ann, Emrys, ha vuelto a casa siendo solo la somba del hombre que se marchó a servir a su país. ¿Qué ha ocurrido en Francia? ¿Qué pensamientos torturan a Emrys?

Mientras tanto, Doris Michael contrata a Ann para que encuentre a su hermano Glyn, a quien no ha visto desde hace dos años. ¿Qué le ha ocurrido? ¿Cuál ha sido el crucial papel que ha tenido Glyn en el resultado de la guerra?

Mientras busca respuestas, Ann se da cuenta de que, aunque la guerra ha terminado, la verdadera batalla acaba de comenzar: una batalla por la paz.

Release dateDec 1, 2019

Hannah Howe

Hannah Howe is the bestselling author of the Sam Smith Mystery Series (Sam's Song, book one in the series, has reached number one on the private detective chart on seven separate occasions and the number one position in Australia). Hannah lives in the picturesque county of Glamorgan with her partner and their two children. She has a university degree and a background in psychology, which she uses as a basis for her novels. Hannah began her writing career at school when her teacher asked her to write the school play. She has been writing ever since. When not writing or researching Hannah enjoys reading, genealogy, music, chess and classic black and white movies. She has a deep knowledge of nineteenth and twentieth century popular culture and is a keen student of the private detective novel and its history. Hannah's books are available in print, as audio books and eBooks from all major retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo, iBooks, etc. For more details please visit The Sam Smith Mystery Series in book order: Sam's Song Love and Bullets The Big Chill Ripper The Hermit of Hisarya Secrets and Lies Family Honour Sins of the Father Smoke and Mirrors Stardust Mind Games Digging in the Dirt A Parcel of Rogues Boston The Devil and Ms Devlin Snow in August Looking for Rosanna Mee Stormy Weather Damaged Eve's War: Heroines of SOE Operation Zigzag Operation Locksmith Operation Broadsword Operation Treasure Operation Sherlock Operation Cameo Operation Rose Operation Watchmaker Operation Overlord Operation Jedburgh (to follow) Operation Butterfly (to follow) Operation Liberty (to follow) The Golden Age of Hollywood Tula: A 1920s Novel (to follow) The Olive Tree: A Spanish Civil War Saga Roots Branches Leaves Fruit Flowers The Ann's War Mystery Series in book order: Betrayal Invasion Blackmail Escape Victory Standalone Novels Saving Grace: A Victorian Mystery Colette: A Schoolteacher's War (to follow) What readers have been saying about the Sam Smith Mystery Series and Hannah Howe... "Hannah Howe is a very talented writer." "A gem of a read." "Sam Smith is the most interesting female sleuth in detectiv...

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