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Die Franken
Die Franken
Die Franken
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Die Franken

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The Franks, for the first time labelled as such by roman authors, were initially no homogenous people, but formed at the end of the 3rd century out of various small Germanic tribes settling between the Rhine, the Weser and the Ijsselmeer.
Based on historical sources and archaeological findings the process of becoming a people is laid out. The reader then follows the Franks? changing relationship between confrontation, cooperation and integration.
With the demise of the western Roman Empire the Franks succeeded in expanding their rule under King Childerich (+482), thus setting the foundation for further rise under king Chlodwig (+511) and his successors to the Frankish Empire.
The work offers an overview of the early Franks close to the sources and well founded.
Release dateApr 22, 2010
Die Franken

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